Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. They are written using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Extensions group all your files into a single file that the user downloads and installs. This grouping means that, unlike normal web applications, extensions do not need to depend on web content.

Best Google Chrome Extensions:

1)  AdBlock

AdBlock is the most popular chrome extension with more than 40 million people using it. Internet can be bizarre at some points like pop-ups and all kinds of unnecessary advertising. This extensions blocks all ads on webpages like Facebook, YouTube and Hulu. It works automatically and you do not have to configure anything. Just follow the link below and click on “Add to Chrome” and see the additions disappear either on any website.

Download AdBlock

2) LastPass

LastPass es una extensión de cromo galardonada que es básicamente un administrador de contraseñas. Lo que hace es que guarda todas sus contraseñas y le proporciona acceso seguro desde cualquier dispositivo móvil o de computadora. Me encanta esta aplicación porque puedo usar cualquier combinación de números, alfabetos o caracteres especiales sabiendo que no tengo que recordarlos. Sólo necesito recordar una contraseña con la que accedo a las cuentas principales. Así que todas sus contraseñas confidenciales están en un lugar y asegurado.

Download LastPass

3) Video Downloader Professional (VDP)

This extension is surely a practical software. It allows you to download and save videos from websites on your hard drive while watching them. It also adds all your saved videos to your video list so that you can watch them later without visiting the original website and overflowing all the buffering. A good extension indeed !!!

Download VDP

4) Search by Image

This extension allows you to start or start a Google search by using any of the random image on the web. Suppose you find a random image and want to know more about it, its origin, location, anything, then this extension helps you start a Google search based on that particular image. Just right click on that particular image and select “Search Google with this image” and you will see the information related to that image.

Download Search by Image