High PR Free Social Bookmarking Sites List


Dofollow High PR Social Bookmarking sites are undoubtedly one of the best sources of getting dofollow backlink and very effective to get more traffics. Social Bookmarking also increases link popularity in search engines. Social bookmarking sites are two types in the eye of SEO. One is dofollow and another is nofollow. Both types of Social bookmarking Sites are helpful to get more traffics.

Free Social Bookmarking Websites List

But dofollow social bookmarking sites are more effective and most important for search engines ranking. Here i share my resource on dofollow social bookmarking sites list. It’s not easy to find out High PR dofollow social bookmarking sites for SEO. So follow these High PR dofollow social bookmarking sites list to create strong dofollow backlinks for your sites or blogs.

How do You Use Social Bookmarking Sites?

Some important points to keep in mind before plunging into the uses of Social Bookmarking Sites:

  • The foremost priority is to create a strong profile that has your image and the correct URL to your website/blog/company etc.
  • Be very sure of not creating multiple bookmarking profiles for the same website, this will create spamming.
  • An easy way is to add bookmarking extension to the browser toolbar which makes it simpler to promote URLs.
  • Always make it a point to submit any URL to these websites with a title and a description, so that it makes it easier for the search engines to up your ranking for the particular content.

Here i listed for your a big list of high pr dofollow social bookmarking sites.

Top 10 High Authority Sites 2017 (New Edition)

S.NO.Social Bookmarking SitesUpdate Date
01http://www.reddit.com/Mar, 2017
02www.stumbleupon.comMar, 2017
03http://www.scoop.it/Mar, 2017
04http://slashdot.org/Mar, 2017
05http://www.plurk.comMar, 2017
06http://blinklist.com/Mar, 2017
07http://youmob.com/Mar, 2017
08http://www.pinterest.com/Mar, 2017
09https://delicious.com/Mar, 2017
10https://www.diigo.com/Mar, 2017

100 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

S.NO.Bookmarking WebsitesUpdate Date
01http://www.bookmarkshades.com/Feb, 2017
02http://www.somelib.com/Feb, 2017
03http://yoocel.com/Feb, 2017
04http://makingupcodes.com/Feb, 2017
05http://www.craigbookmark.com/Feb, 2017
07http://www.addusastory.com/Feb, 2017
08http://www.addthismark.com/Feb, 2017
09http://gen-eff.net/Feb, 2017
10http://www.savemylike.com/Feb, 2017
11http://www.clickone.co.in/Feb, 2017
12http://www.pixador.net/Feb, 2017
13http://www.opcnow.com/Feb, 2017
14http://www.persongraph.com/Feb, 2017
15http://www.poppser.com/Feb, 2017
16http://www.rescicq.com/Feb, 2017
17http://www.seeedri.com/Feb, 2017
18http://bamacrc.com/Feb, 2017
19http://submiturlink.com/Feb, 2017
20http://topwebslink.com/Feb, 2017
21http://topwebslink.com/Feb, 2017
22http://www.sfcider.com/Feb, 2017
23http://nysmlos.com/Feb, 2017
24http://tefwin.com/Feb, 2017
25http://elenavoce.com/Feb, 2017
26http://www.okmydoc.com/Feb, 2017
27http://www.siprefar.com/Feb, 2017
28http://bamacrc.com/Feb, 2017
29http://canewel.com/Feb, 2017
30http://www.sdgemea.com/Feb, 2017
31http://atozbookmark.com/Feb, 2017
32http://bwbarts.com/Feb, 2017
33http://wiagogos.com/Feb, 2017
34http://blackgroks.com/Feb, 2017
35http://wanchuks.com/Feb, 2017
36http://soundonuts.com/Feb, 2017
37http://cmvdb.com/Feb, 2017
38http://apdoves.com/Feb, 2017
39http://www.nwcor.com/Feb, 2017
40http://www.npihelp.com/Feb, 2017
41http://www.prbookmark.com/Feb, 2017
42http://freeticketopen.com/Feb, 2017
43http://jlegalecon.com/Feb, 2017
44http://etioling.com/Feb, 2017
45http://www.airpim.biz/Feb, 2017
46http://milocalbuilder.com/Feb, 2017
47http://www.fearsteve.com/Feb, 2017
48http://buysmartprice.com/Feb, 2017
49http://www.abarmaks.com/Feb, 2017
50http://www.avasaglobals.com/Feb, 2017


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