25+ Best Ping Submission Sites List For Faster Indexing


Ping submission sites are more important in terms of SEO and optimizations. Everyone wants their blog or website to be indexed as fast as possible to the search engines. It is very important that your blog or website should be indexed very fast because they not only index quickly but you can also get high SERPs by indexing your website or blog entry backlinks. And we all know that higher SERPs = higher blog traffic.

So, today I will share the list of 25 top High Authority Ping Submission sites to index your blog / website quickly to search engines, but before we share the list let’s know what is ping:

What is Ping Submission Site?

Ping submission sites are websites that allow users to ping your blog / website simply by entering their blog URL into it.

Ping Submission Sites For Indexed FASTER!

Pinging is a process of informing the major search engines like Google that your blog has been updated. It is the most common and powerful method to index the blog quickly to the search engines. Pinging is mainly used when you have updated your blog / website or when you have a backlink.

Here i listed for your a big list of high authority ping submission sites.

Top Ping Submission Sites List

S.NO. Ping Submission Websites Update Date
01 http://www.pingomatic.com Mar, 2017
02 http://www.pingler.com Mar, 2017
03 http://www.pingmylink.com/ Mar, 2017
04 http://www.pingoat.net Mar, 2017
05 http://www.blogsearch.google.com/ping Mar, 2017
06 http://pingmyblog.com/ Mar, 2017
07 http://www.twingly.com/ping Mar, 2017
08 http://www.weblogs.com/ Mar, 2017
09 http://auto-ping.com/ Mar, 2017
S.NO.Ping Submission SitesUpdate Date
01http://www.pingomatic.comMar, 2017
02http://www.pingler.comMar, 2017
03http://www.pingmylink.com/Mar, 2017
04http://www.pingoat.netMar, 2017
05http://www.blogsearch.google.com/pingMar, 2017
06http://pingmyblog.com/Mar, 2017
07http://www.twingly.com/pingMar, 2017
08http://www.weblogs.com/Mar, 2017
09http://auto-ping.com/Mar, 2017
10http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/Mar, 2017
11http://pingomatic.com/Mar, 2017
12http://blogs.yandex.ru/Mar, 2017
13http://twingly.com/Mar, 2017
14http://mypagerank.net/Mar, 2017
15http://icerocket.com/Mar, 2017
16http://bitacoras.com/Mar, 2017
17http://pingler.com/Mar, 2017
18http://blogpingtool.com/Mar, 2017
19http://pingmyblog.com/Mar, 2017
20http://ping.in/Mar, 2017
21http://googleping.com/Mar, 2017
22http://www.totalping.com/Mar, 2017
23http://ipings.comMar, 2017
24http://ping.feedburner.comMar, 2017
25http://www.blogsnow.com/pingMar, 2017