Today I’m going to share a tutorial on how to redirect the 404 error to the home page in Blogger in a very easy way. Normally 404 error means that the page you are looking for is not on a particular site or server if you want to change the content on page 404 error (page not found), here is a simple tutorial on how to create a 404 error page Customized for blogger.

What is the Page Not Found Error 404?

Error 404 not found means that the web page you were trying to reach could not be found on the server. This is a client-side error which means that the page has been deleted or moved and the URL has not been changed accordingly or you have entered the URL incorrectly. In short, a 404 not found error means that the web page simply does not exist with the entered URL.

How to Recognize 404 Not Found Error

There are many different ways to see this error on your computer. Please note that the 404 pages can be fully customized by the owner of the domain. It can appear in any conceivable way, but these are some common words that you can look for to know if the error you see is an HTTP Error 404 Not Found

  1. 404 Error
  2. 404 Not Found
  3. The requested URL [URL] was not found on this server.
  4. HTTP 404 Not Found
  5. 404 Page Not Found

Create a Custom 404 Error (Page Not Found) for Blogger

404 Error occurs frequently with many visitors, then visitors close the site as most of them do not know that it is just a simple error, to prevent this from happening we will decorate the 404 error page with interesting images and matter, so That people do not leave our site.

Step 1: Login to your Blogger Account
Step 2: Select The Blog for which you want to make changes
Step 3: Go To Template –> Edit HTML
Step 4: Now find This Piece of Code by Press “CTRL+F
Step 5: All you need to do is modify the content in “Error-wrap” or what some kind of content is in
Simply edit the content on it and you will see the change in your 404 page not found error page 😀
If you want to add an image to your 404 error page, paste the following code between the code
error-page src='image.jpg "