Best Google Adsense AlternativesEvery blogger knows that Adsense is one of the most popular and reliable advertising network in the world. This is the best way to make passive income for bloggers and website owners. But getting approval of Google Adsense is not an easy task because of Googles terms and policy’s. And that’s really hard to maintain and analyses of those terms for getting Adsense approval and that’s why many of the bloggers and website owners are suffered for getting Adsense approval. But this isn’t the only problem, many bloggers who get the Adsense approval but got banned by Google for violating their policy, they also suffered to get approval of another account. And this is so irritating because no one want to hang like this, so stop to waste your time for trying to get the approval, because there are many more advertising networks from where you can make good amount of money. These Ad Networks are not greater than Google Adsense but these can give you better earning. So that’s why now I am going to share with you 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Here are some of the best Google Adsense Alternatives you can try to monetize your website, and I’ll tell you how they work and why you should consider them, so let’s start:

1) is one of the best alternatives for AdSense. It is a contextual ad network, powered by Yahoo and Bing. It enables publishers to earn money from advertising revenue.

It offers customized ad units that fit with your site look. It also shows ads to the mobile phone and tablet users.

2) [af_link id=”5015″ target=”_blank”]RevenueHits[/af_link]

RevenueHitsRevenuehits admits that they are not as good as Adsense, but they believe they are better than other alternatives. It’s a Performance base Ad Network that helps publishers to generate more revenue. If you are going to use this network, I would suggest you to keep your ads running for 5-6 days to get best results.
Revenuehits offers Banner ads, Sliders, Pop-unders, button etc. Minimum payout is $20.

Sing Up Now

3) Propeller Ads Media

Propeller Ads MediaPropeller Ads is one of the biggest pop-under networks available. They started working on 2011 and quickly developed into one of the biggest networks with great CPMs. They specialize in monetizing websites for the following niches: entertainment, videos/movies, games, dating, finances, software, gambling and more. If you’ve got one of this sites, you could make more money with Propeller than with Adsense. They also have banners but the pop unders work better overall. Also, if you’ve got mobile traffic, they’re a great Adsense alternative as they work closely with ad networks that monetize apps and mobile services leading to huge ROIs and great CPMs too.Propeller pays on a NET 30 basis and they have a great fill rate for tier 2-3 countries. So if you’re struggling to monetize traffic from countries like India, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Propeller has a big inventory for them too.

4) PopAds

PopAds is a performance network specialized in Pop Unders. They have good rates and they can monetize all countries. Something great about PopAds is that they can pay daily as long as you earn $5 or more per day. Their quality is good, and they also have pop ups, tab ups/unders and other monetization methods. Their approvals are easy and setting your ads takes just a few minutes.

5) Infolinks


Bidvertiser is a cost per click ad network that also offers conversion incentives to publishers. Bidvertiser offers a referral program which pays for referrals of both advertisers and publishers. They pay publishers 30 days after a the month ends. Payment is by PayPal, Payza or check. The payment threshold is $10 for PayPal, and $100 for checks.

7) Yllix Media

 Yllix Media - Google Adsense Alternative

Yllix is a network I have heard a lot in the last years that has a decent CPM and many monetization options. Their homepage might look simple but their dashboard is great and it’s easy to get started. Yllix has Pop under ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads and full page ads so you can get a good CTR and make money with them. Definitely a good option for starters and their approval is fast.

8) PopCash.Net


There is many alternative of Google Adsense but PopCash.Net is one of the best Adsense alternative. Maximize your revenue with PopCash! You can start earning money in less then 10 minutes. All you need is an account and your domains approved. Once you have done those things you can place the Javascript code (generated by our system) in your website body. This is all! Now all your visitors will view a pop-under from PopCash. The pop-under is showed once in a 24 hour timeframe, So your visitors will not be disturbed by repeated popunders!